Thursday, January 01, 2009

A brand new year, a brand new start!

Dear all,

It's been a long, long time since updated this blog, today is 1st January 2009, a brand new year, a brand new start...

Firstly, would like to update on my business, it involves financial planning and real estate. Can say it's "so far, so bad..." Especially true for financial business, as for real estate, just started on 30th December 2008, so no comments yet...

Secondly, as i was in taxi on the way home on 1st January 2009 around 2 plus am, saw a wallet at the back seat. Was wondering if it was dropped by some pretty lady or someone careless, ha ha... So without hesitation, put it into my bag and first thing to do when i reach home, it's to take it out and find the person's identity.

To my dismay, there wasn't any contact no, but as a KTV fan, saw a Kbox membership card inside and called the outlet this guy frequent. Fortunately, they found his record and managed to contact him... Felt a relieve, 'coz can return to its owner. Upon meeting him, he kept thanking me profusely... felt great as he appreciates my kind act.

Lastly, hope this is a good year for everyone and myself too. Hope to catch some 'big fish' and pay off all that pestering bills...

Penning off...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Selling CDs

Dear all,

I'm trying to clear some old original CDs, prices range from SGD$6 - $10, interested parties, please contact me @ or sms @ 90409026, thank you.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shocking News

A career turned awful is what i should describe the situation i'm in now...

Was happily employed by The Hour Glass on 20th June 2007, but reality had turned to dream on this very day, 28th November 2007... My manager came down on her off day; wanted to talk to me, i thought it was good news, who knows it turned out to be the opposite...

Having worked so many years in my life, this is the 1st time i was TERMINATED by a company... So sad that i was, even broke down into tears when i was leaving the shop, i mean, it's not like you want to be employed in Hour Glass and they'll give you a chance, it's a company hard to get in but easy to get out...

As the saying goes, being kind to others doesn't mean that people will be kind to you, this world is cruel, nothing is absolute, cherish what you have now or the next minute before you know, it'll be gone...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Tag Heuer


Maurice Lacroix






It's been quite some time since i've updated this page...

Have been bz with work recently, thks for those who still visit my blog, sometimes i'm juz too lazy to edit it...
It's been quite a while since i've worked so many days continuously- 9 days to be exact (a miracle i didn't really fall sick)

At last it's over (Tempus), been stuck @ Raffles City Convention Centre for 5 days straight in a row, the feeling's like being back to army, very regulated work style, except we are being served hotel-class lunch and dinner. It was a great event though, learnt more about the brand which i'm taking care of, Longines...

End of this month will be my 3rd mth in Hour Glass, hopefully my sales mgr will confirm me by that time, then i'll be able to get my hands on the NICE Tag Heuer (FOC!), he he...

Sometimes i wonder, am i working towards something, or juz passing day by day as it goes? Life in SG is so boring... wished i can emigrate... don't u feel we are all in a rat race? Work, pay bills, work, pay bills, and the vicious cycle will continue and continue...

As for my love life, it's in a mess right now, made the wrong choice @ e wrong time, now i regret, but it's too late... If i say i've already forgotten her 'cleanly' (ppl who know me will know who i'm referring to), i'm deceiving myself, my love for her is so deep that it becomes hatred @ a point of time, but guess time can heal all wounds...

Penning off here, wonder when i'll be 'editing' this page again...

Monday, July 02, 2007

True Or Not?

Friends and FamilyA+
Finance / CareerA
Your Life's Average Grade: A
'What is your Life Grade?' at

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Granado Espada

"Red Elementalist"

Hall of Fame

Another version of Grendel?

The ladies of Granado Espada...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Took this pic while going for interview @ Club 21 in the Forum, been working in Gio for almost 4 yrs, felt it was time to move on, i couldn't possibly be selling normal apparel for all my life ma
However Club 21 didn't know how to appreciate me, thus i wasn't employed. However, guess lao tian ke lian wo ba, not long after, a recruitment consultant called me to go for interview @ The Hour Glass
Upon hearing this piece of news, i was elated as hour glass is no ordinary company, it's a prestigious company many want to join, after 2 successful interviews, i'm employed as a Sales Associate, i believe i'm fated to work in sales, juz can't sit still in office
Hopefully i can attain my dream position of Regional Sales Mgr in 5 yrs' time :)

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